Remote Car Starters

There are a range of car starter kits and keyless entry systems that are available at Alarmtec. There are both 1-way or 2- way key fob remotes that you can choose from and they are so compact that it won’t be a hassle to put in your pocket.

Why You Need A Remote Starter? 

Convenience: Starting your car from the office or your home has never been easier. No need to go directly
to your vehicle to turn on the car with your keys, when you install any of our wireless remote fobs.

Weather safety: Alarmtec is aware that Calgary’s weather has always been so unpredictable. Make you life a little bit less stressful when you use our remote starters. Warm your vehicle with just one click in the winter and save time cooling your vehicle in the summer months.

Security: With our advance starters, you can also monitor the activity of your vehicle to see if it is locked or not. Another feature of most remote starters are that they have built in alarm systems so you won’t have issues with theft.

Better for the Car's Engine: One of the best benefits of a remote starter is that it will help your car’s engine. When you use your starter to warm-up your car, it is also warming up the engine to the right temperature. A well-lubricated engine means that your car engine will be performing better and it is extending the engines longevity.


Our technicians at Alarmtec always want to offer you the best remote starter for the best price. You can check out a list of our products here.